The Toaster Project book
18 January 2011

I’ve just finished (as in yesterday) the third and hopefully mostly-final revision of the text of the Toaster Project book which is going to be published by Princeton Architectural Press. I wrote up the project in a kind of book (graphic designed by my friend A Young Kim) which I exhibited alongside the toaster. In a moment of ‘slightly drunken networking’ (the only ‘networking’ I do), I showed it to Michael Bierut who’s a partner at Pentagram design in New York, who liked it and who showed it to his friend who’s a publisher at Princeton Architectural Press, who also liked it, who’s going to publish it! It needed extensive revision though, which is why it’s taken me so long. It’s coming out in Autumn 2011 (there’s a weird thing in the book world apparently where one only publishes one’s book in either the Spring or Autumn).

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