31 July 2007

Squeezing someone’s hand conveys comfort and support in those situations where you can’t talk. These bracelets use memory metal to replicate this gesture, conveying it over distance.

alzah says:

Isn’t telepathy easier? :)

gulaman says:

novel and funny. odd at the same time touching. thumbs up!

“he feels her answering squeeze, and is comforted to know they’ve thought of each other…”

Tracy says:

A sweet and simple idea. Well done.

Andy says:

Very creative

This is a pretty neat concept! Did you ever pursue it or do you know if it was done by someone else?

It reminds me of user experience work regarding connectedness by Marc Hassenzahl, for example: http://hassenzahl.wordpress.com/2010/09/23/linked-what-the-hell-are-these-boys-doing/

Eduardo Padilha says:

Hi Thomas

I am Eduardo Padilha.
Unfortunately I arrived late for your lecture at Camden Arts Center,yesterday night.
But check through your website and like very much the Toast project amongst others.
Related to Squeeze project, which i liked as well , it came to my mind as an brazilian artist the the work of another brazilian called Lygia Clark (Möbius).
I am developing a collaborative project between Design & Sculpture at my placed called BalinHouseProjects.
I will post you an invitation later on.
I looking for to see your lecture in coming future.
Yours sincerely,


chief kief says:

hey thomas, big fan of what you do, i would lovve to use your genius ideas for my final project in my biotech class, do you have and insider info for me to use to get a good grade. your pal chief

JAmes says:

Interesting how this has translated onto the Apple Watch. Have you considered contacting them for royalties?

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