The Toaster Project book
9 September 2011

Finally, the book of The Toaster Project is published by Princeton Architectural Press! I have been sent an advance copy and I am well pleased with it – a big hat tip to Paul Wagner the designer at PAPress.

It becomes available (according to Amazon) on the 1st November 2011 – weirdly seeing it available for pre-order on Amazon makes if feel really real. But I am quite looking forward to walking in to a bookshop and finding it… ‘Available in all good bookshops’? I hope so (though I’m not sure it’ll be on the counter at Waterstones or whatever, like my friend Pat’s excellent book which is somehow both less, and in a way, more niche).

So, you can buy it from amazon here or direct from Princeton Architectural Press here if you feel so inclined!

I will also be having a book launch at some point in November somewhere in London. I’m not entirely sure where yet (any suggestions?), but I’ll put it on my calendar of events when i’ve worked it out.

Tory Bers says:

I just heard your interview on Science Friday here in the U.S. and immediately rushed to the nearest bookstore to order your book. My 13-year old son has recently started his own toaster project (not quite the same as yours – he wants to break the world record for toast projection from the toaster into the sky), but I know he will be so inspired by what you’ve done. Thanks for a wonderful interview and your inspiration to my son! I hope your new television project makes it to the States!

Cora Heeg says:

Just saw your interview on the Colbert Report. Quite charming (and disarming!) I am looking forward to ordering your book at my local bookstore.

Amanda says:

I love this book but I love your TV show where you experimented with creating all kinds of things from scratch. I would like to purchase it but can’t find it on the internet anywhere… is it available to purchase?

Elisa says:

I just watched your documentary: From Scratch, Trainers on SBS Australia and thought it was amazing. I’m currently a fashion student and will be thinking more about where things come from when sewing my finals. regards

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